Our Skilled Hands at Vivaz

Meet with one of our highly trained estheticians who will ensure that your facial treatment is tailored to your specific needs.


The Vivaz Signature Facial

Feel pampered and refreshed with a luxurious facial consisting of cleansing, exfoliating, steaming and a masque treatment customized to fit your skin type.

The Vivaz Mini Facial

For a quick boost to your skin, try a mini facial with light exfoliation and masque treatment.

The Vivaz Purifying Facial

This treatment targets acne prone and problematic skin, uncovering a clearer, healthier complexion. Results my vary.

The Vivaz Teen Facial

This is facials 101 for your teen to learn and experience the benefits of proper skincare.

The Vivaz Gentlemen’s Fit Facial

A man’s skin is not the same as a woman’s. That is why Vivaz offers a special facial with your specific needs in mind to give you a deep clean and nourish the skin.

The Vivaz Organic Facial

Experience a natural alternative for skincare using certified organic products while incorporating the art of Hungarian facial massage.

The Vivaz Brighten Up Facial

This treatment combines all the benefits of the Vivaz Signature Facial and a chemical peel. You will enjoy a more radiant, firmer skin tone. Results may vary.

The Vivaz Healing Facial

Heath challenged skin can be left feeling dry, flakey and extremely sensitive. Our trained oncology Esthetician has gained an understanding of the effects cancer has on the body and how to best nurture those clients with compromised skin. Let Vivaz help you on your way to wellness. 

The Vivaz Microfacial

This treatment combines the Vivaz Signature Facial and microdermabrasion, leaving behind a smooth, hydrated complexion. The microdermabrasion treatment exfoliates the top layer of your skin, removing unwanted dead cells and debris. The finishing facial calms and soothes the skin.